Rebel Yelle
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Breeding Program


Emily vom Rebel Yelle VP11 Baby Puppy Class 2011 USCA Sieger Show

About our breeding program

We are members of United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA) and we follow breeding regulations that are established by SV (Verein für Deutche Schaeferhunde – The organization in Germany that represents the German Shepherd Dog) and adopted by USCA.

Taken from USA breeding regulations (these can be found at

Eligible for breeding are all dogs entered in the USA Breed Book (if the owner resides in the United States), who on the day of breeding have at least one performance title (SchH1-3, VPG1-3, IP1-3, or HGH) obtained under a USA-recognized performance judge, a breed show rating of at least “good” obtained under a USA-recognized breed judge in the youth, young dog, or working dog class if not already breed surveyed under USA or SV regulations, and a USA-recognized hip certification.

For us, only dogs that meet these requirements are destined for breeding.


Some of abbreviations you’ll find through our website:

BH – Begleithunde, Traffic-Steady Companion Dog Test. This test covers basic obedience and testing in traffic. It thoroughly test the temperament of the dog and it is a pre-requirement for entering the dog for working titles (SchH,IPO)

AD – Ausdauerprüfung, Endurance Test. This is not a training degree but an award that is a requirement for a breed survey. The dog runs next to a bicycle for 20 kilometers (about 12.5 miles).

SchH/IPO – Schutzhund, working titles originally developed in Germany to test the breed suitability of the GSD. These titles have three phases: Tracking, Obedience and Protection. They are aimed to test the dogs’ temperament and nerves, desire and ability to work, courage, intelligence. The minimum requirement for breeding is SchH1/IPO1 or HGH (herding) title.

FH – Fahrtenhund, Tracking Dog. These are advanced tracking titles. FH1 has minimum of 1200 paces, 7 legs, 6 corners, 4 articled and it’s aged for minimum of 180 minutes.

KKL – Koerklasse, Breed Evaluation. This is an evaluation obtained by Breed Survey Judge and it’s the ultimate recognition of the dog’s suitability for breeding. The dog must meet the minimum requirements prior to entering a breed survey: at least SchH1/IPO1 or HGH working title, show rating, AD, hip/elbow certification.

HD-ZW – HD Zuchtwert or breed value assessment number. This number is an estimation of the probability that a dog will produce progeny with hip dysplasia.  100 is the breed average, lower the number less probability of producing progeny with HD. There is a great article written on Pedigree Database:



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