Rebel Yelle
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J Litter vom Rebel Yelle
born on January 12th, 2014
5 males, 3 females

Igor Emily
SG Igor vom kleinen Zigeuner IPO2 KKL
HD/ED a-normal/normal ZW 76
Igor is a tall and large male with very good conformation. He is very self-assured anywhere he goes. Igor is an excellent tracker with a deep and precise nose. In obedience he is very drivey in his work. Igor has very balanced drives in protection with a hard and full grip. Igor is very pushy and dominant towards the helper. Igor has very steady nerve.
SG Emily vom Rebel Yelle BHOT IPO2 KKL
HD/ED a-normal/normal ZW76
Emily is an above medium size female with very good conformation. She is confident in any social setting. She is a very slow and methodical tracker. In obedience she is motivated to please the handler and very task oriented. In protection she has high prey drive with a very good grip. Emily has a rock steady nerve.

1 Week Old 2 Weeks Old 3 Weeks Old 4 Weeks Old
Sable Female 1      
Sable Female 2      
Sable Female 3      
Sable Male 1      
Black & Tan Male 2      
Black & Tan Male 3      
Black and Tan Male 4      
Black and Tan Male 5      

(c) vom Rebel Yelle